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Statement on peaceful sit in


Statement Of APHC on peaceful sit in protest against the heart felt conditions of Kashmiris languishing in different jails.

Maulana Mohammad Abbas Ansari,   Acting Chairman, APHC 

Kashmir is a paradise, where the forces of darkness have let hell loose, very loose. Strange! Indeed. However, a somber reality nevertheless. Kashmiris are subject to all sorts of indignities of life. Everything is gone – law, order, security and ah! Even honour too. The situation has worsened beyond imaginable lengths. Kill, whosoever you come across is the order of the day. Ah! Men in corridors of power! How weak in reason appears your clamor for democracy to us. How many innocent Kashmiris languish in your prisons? Democrats donning the mental of humanism, meet out inhuman treatment to them.

      No laws work, no rules operate, no principles guide, no hearts beat in tune with the cries of the people in Kashmir either. Accountability figures in books. They kill with impunity. They honor Zero Tolerance of the Indian Prime Minister in breach rather than in observance. All structures of civilized life have come trembling down to the earth.

      APHC chooses today in a silent protest sit-in to highlight pitiably painful situation, Kashmiris are beset with in Indian prisons. Who do you pick up, where and why? Let the following few amongst many glaring examples suffice to set the just a thinking.

1.                 Parvez Ahmad Radoo, A post graduate zoologist from Pune University. Left his home for Pune to appear in examination on September 12 2006, arrested immediately after coming out of the aeroplane, kept in secret prison and then produced before media on October 20 2006, just one day prior to Diwali. Latter shown to have been arrested in possession of RDX, timers, detonators from railway station, New Delhi.

2.                 Ajaz Hussain Khawaja, a well known handicrafts businessman, settled in New Delhi since thirty years and a Presidential Medal Winner arrested from his flat in New Delhi in front of his family members and latter shown to have been arrested in possession of RDX.

3.                 Imran Ahmad Kirmani, an aeronautical engineer, residing in Delhi since last many years. Who was supposed to join Deccan Airways, arrested in Delhi without any reason.

4.                 Gh. Rasool Bafanda, a fruit businessman while coming out of aeroplane in Delhi on November 15 2006, arrested unreasonably and latter shown to have been arrested in possession of RDX.

5.                 Mohammad Amin Hajam, a Government Employee in Revenue Department along with Gulzar Ahmad Ganaie, a Second Year student unreasonably arrested in Delhi on November 27 2006 and latter produced before media on December 10 2006, allegedly shown to have been arrested in possession of RDX.

6.                 Mohammad Iqbal and Mushtaq Ahmad Kaloo were on a business visit to New Delhi and arrested on November 27 2006, allegedly shown to have been arrested in possession of RDX.

7.                 Ali Mohammad and Samiullah, two brothers arrested on November 27 2006, and later shown to have been arrested on December 31 2006 in possession of explosive substance.

8.                 Ab. Majid Baba, a fruit businessman has been unreasonably arrested in New Delhi on way back to his home from Kolkata.

      Besides there are people in thousands languishing in different jails, interrogation centers, lockups in India. Number of detainees in some jails as per available record is below mentioned just to apprise the people of conscience.

                     Central Jail Srinagar       275

                     District Jail Udhampur    62

                     Kot Balwal Jail Jammu    325

                     Amphala Jail Jammu      43

                     District Jail Kuthwa         59

                     Tihar Jail Delhi                 178

      Moreover, atrocities perpetrated upon the detainees is beyond imagination. Detainees are denied the basic requirements of life by jail authorities and are not produced before the courts on one or the other pretext, which is in violation of the charter of United Nations and the rules framed by its various committees.

      APHC on this occasion requests the international Human rights organizations for an intervention so that the detainees belonging to the soil of Kashmir in particular are treated in the most sophisticated civilized manner in accordance with the norms of international law governing the detainees in general.

      What is must for under trails and for prisoners under going jail terms is the recognition as human beings by providing proper facilities for residing in the jail, in barracks, in lock ups, with special stress on proper sleep, washing and bathing, proper food and above all hygienic atmosphere in jails.

   Maulana Mohammad Abbas Ansari

   Acting Chairman

   All Parties Hurriyat Conference

   Dated: 10.03.2007

JKIM: First & largest Political Party of Kashmiri Shias

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