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JKIM Stand on the Kashmir Issue

(1) Jammu Kashmir Ittihadul Muslimeen (JKIM) declares Kashmir issue as an unsettled International dispute which has threatened the very existence of Kashmiris as a nation besides endangering the peace and stability in South Asia. The peaceful and political solution of the Kashmir issue lies in giving the right of self determination by both the dominions India and Pakistan to the people of Jammu and Kashmir as promised by not only India and Pakistan but also promised by the Security Council of United Nations Organization.

(2) JKIM believes that the treaty of Amritsar of 1846 affecting the sale of Kashmir by the British Govt. to Maharaja Gulab Singh of Jammu is legally void, politically invalid, historically obsolete and morally inchoate.

(3) Despite the commitment made by Government of India in equivocal terms to ascertain wish of the people on the question of accession, by way of referendum, till date the Government of India has not fulfilled its promise and the condition of accession. It is settled that accessions can be either revocable or irrevocable. The Governor General of India itself made accession revocable and directed that the accession of the Kashmir state with dominion of India will be decided by the people of state. The Government of India itself did not accept the instrument of accession signed by the fleeing Maharaja.

(4) JKIM believes that the accession of Kashmir state with India is inchoate. Government of India cannot hold people of Kashmir. It must and in fact is under an obligation to ascertain the will of the people. People of our state have absolute choice in the matter of their continuing with Government of India or to annual the arrangement. But under no circumstance Govt. of India can refuse to ascertain the political will of the people. In last 60 years holding of referendum on the question of accession has been avoided. JKIM believes that govt. of India is first interested in altering the community composition of our people purely on the basis of religion and then hold the plebiscite as and when the present majority community is reduced to minority. We won’t let this happen. We want referendum now and we will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to pressurize Govt. of India and Pakistan to hold plebiscite in the whole state so that the commitment made to the people of Kashmir on October 27, 1947 is fulfilled.

(5) JKIM believes that the United Nations resolutions regarding Kashmir provide complete morale basis to the on going freedom movement.

(6) JKIM believes that for the purpose whatever means we may have to employ in achieving our political objective, will be adopted. Failure on the part of India to hold plebiscite provides complete morale basis to our movement and on going struggle. Our movement has roots in our conscience. It can never lie. Our generation after the other will fight. With every day the movement will become more intense and effective. Our movement has ideological basis. It cannot be suppressed no matter what the cost is. We are determined to alter the status quo and put an end to Indian occupation on our soil.

 JKIM: First & largest Political Party of Kashmiri Shias

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